What Is Taxkeeping?

Taxkeeping is a system of recording your business results so that your business can easily complete your tax obligations, usually Income Tax, plus GST if you are registered for GST.

Keeping your records for tax is about the most irritating, onerous task in operating a small business. There is no ‘one best’ solution. But we do know you want to “do the right thing” with tax, with the least effort and anguish possible. You are time poor – so you need speed, ease and accuracy. Therefore Ten Ticks offers a number of solutions to suit most types and sizes of small and micro business in Australia.

BASIC DIY – even a fortune teller in her classic crystal ball can foresee an easily completed tax return.

LITE – a methodical single entry (paper) cash book or spreadsheet that will save accounting fees.

A full range of double entry bookkeeping solutions is also offered using Australia’s most popular small business accounting software, including BAS services by a licensed BAS Agent – RN 87586004.